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Dwayne Adams is a Hawaiian artist and art instructor focusing on watercolor painting.  He resides in Kailua and his work focuses primarily on Hawaiian art, featuring scenes in and around Kailua, Honolulu, and other locations throughout the Hawaiian islands.  After practicing as a landscape architect for 40 years, Dwayne’s rendering talents used in public settings led him to seek his passion; watercolor.  His love of watercolor stems from his belief in watercolor as a “live” media.  While other two-dimensional media allow for deliberation and correction, watercolor breathes life the instant it is placed on paper.  The movement of water and color creates drama that unfolds as a painting progresses.  That’s where the magic of watercolor lives.

Dwayne paints primarily plein air, but also paints in his Kailua studio for those paintings that lend themselves to a more studied approach.  While most of his paintings tend to be landscapes of Hawaii or other places he and his wife Sandy have traveled, he prefers urban settings as well as portraiture. 

Send a message to Dwayne via Instagram or at the email address below if you have interest in purchase of artwork that is in the gallery, or if you are interested in a commissioned painting.

Dwayne teaches watercolor for entry and intermediate level students.  He has taught in the Phoenix, Arizona area and teaches regularly at the Downtown Art Center in Honolulu.  Visit the "Classes" page on this website for more information.

Dwayne is a member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society, was a Signature Member of the Alaska Watercolor Society, has won awards in both Hawaii and Alaska, and has been selected for entry in shows in Colorado.


You can find Dwayne at the following:

Instagram: adamsart808

Facebook:  Dwayne Adams





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