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Classes Available

 Following are class opportunities for watercolor painting that are offered in the near future:

Plants and People, July

Dwayne will teach a 3 week class on Sunday mornings beginning July 14 at the Downtown Art Center.  Plants and people add ​life, scale, color, and movement to paintings.  People humanize landscape paintings.  Vegetation is fundamental to the execution of landscape painting.  Dwayne will explain approaches to painting these important elements with specific attention to gesture techniques that capture and suggest these elements without getting wrapped around detail that often destroys good paintings.  Best to have a basic understanding of watercolor.  Sign up on the Downtown Art Center website for classes: (Sorry-sold out)


Mid-Pac One Day Beginners Workshop  

This class is offered to members of the Mid-Pac Country Club.  It will be held on Saturday September 7 at Mid-Pac and will cover fundamentals of watercolor painting.  Participants will be able to walk out of the class with a finished painting.  All materials will be provided though you are welcome to bring your own if you choose.  Sign up at Mid-Pac.  The class will start at 10am and finish around 12:30.

6 Class Beginner/Intermediate Watercolor Class, October 6-November 10 (Pending)

This class will be held at the Downtown Art Center (DAC) in Chinatown and will be held Sunday mornings from 10am till 12:30.  It will include the basics of watercolor including  subjects such as taping paper, composition, fundamental watercolor techniques, how to produce washes, blending of color, simplifying subject matter, and a step by step approach to producing watercolor paintings.  The DAC will offer kits for sale for those who do not own watercolor painting materials.  Go to for information and for purchase of paint kits.  The class is not currently rostered (as of July 21) but will be soon.  Watch the DAC website for information.

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